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A memoir from Grove Press.

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With her artful memoir, Small Fry (Grove) ... Lisa Brennan Jobs has written a book that upends expectations, delivering a masterly Silicon Valley gothic. Of the book’s myriad achievements, the greatest might be making that story her own.
— Vogue (September 2018)
It’s gratifying to see [Ms. Brennan-Jobs] assert her authority as the owner of her narrative. Writing with enlightened panache and dry humor, she’s as keen a witness to the ambience of the Bay Area in the 1980’s and 1990’s…as she is to the behavior of the adults around her…Never having felt safe in any of her father’s houses, [she] has built her own house in memoir form, a repository of her love and anger and mourning…It’s alive in all the rough edges of its feelings, and it’s home.
— The Wall Street Journal
An intimate, richly drawn portrait… Small Fry is a memoir of uncommon grace, maturity, and spare elegance… The reader of this exquisite memoir is left with a loving, forgiving remembrance and the lasting impression of a resilient, kindhearted and wise woman who is at peace with her past.
— San Francisco Chronicle
Entrancing… Brennan-Jobs is a deeply gifted writer… Her inner landscape is depicted in such exquisitely granular detail that it feels as if no one else could have possibly written it. Indeed, it has that defining aspect of a literary work: the stamp of a singular sensibility… Beautiful, literary, and devastating.
— NY Times
[Small Fry] is a story of a girl growing up in 1980s and ’90s California trying to fit into two very different families and not belonging in either. It’s the story of her single mother trying to keep it together and often not succeeding. It’s the story of a family that is as imperfect as every family, things complicated by wealth, fame and, in the end, illness and death.
— Associated Press
An exquisitely rendered story of family, love, and identity … a stunningly beautiful study of parenting that just so happens to include the co-founder of Apple.
— Kirkus Reviews
Incisive debut memoir… Brennan-Jobs’s narrative is tinged with awe, yearning, and disappointment. This sincere and disquieting portrait reveals a complex father-daughter relationship.
— Publishers Weekly
Extraordinary… An aching, exquisitely told story of a young woman’s quest for belonging and love.
— People, “Book of the Week”
Revelatory… Her exquisitely written prose allows Brennan-Jobs to – painfully, complexly, heroically – reclaim her own story
— Entertainment Weekly, “Best Books to Read in September



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Lisa is a writer living in Brooklyn.


Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe




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